Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz spoke against Tejashwi Prakash,she is jealous

Bigg Boss 15- After coming out of Bigg Boss 15, now Umar Riaz has given an interview, in which Umar has spoken against Tejashwi Prakash. According to Umar, Tejashwi is jealous of him.

Umar Riaz has come out of Bigg Boss 15. Umar Riaz’s game(Bigg Boss 15) in the controversial reality shows Bigg Boss 15 was liked by most of the people and when Umar Riaz was kicked out of this reality show, the fans also created a ruckus on social media. In this game, Umar’s fans liked his and Karan Kundra’s friendship very much, but there was not much special friendship between Umar and Tejashwi, which was seen many times. The two were rarely seen playing together during the game. At the same time, now Umar Riyaz has given an interview, in which he has given Tejashwi the real reason for his debate. Umar Riaz

Actually, Umar Riaz spoke openly about Tejashwi Prakash in his latest interview(Bigg Boss 15). She believes that Tejashwi Prakash was jealous of her as Umar was the first priority in the game for Karan Kundrra. Umar said, ‘I was never jealous of Tejashwi. We never used to spend time together. Karan used to live with Tejashwi and this is also okay because he wanted to take their relationship forward. But I do feel that Tejashwi was jealous of me because Karan has always given me more priority. Even during the game, I used to be at number one for Karan. Karan has always supported me and that’s what she couldn’t digest.

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In this interview, Umar Riaz has also talked about good friendship with Karan Kundra(Bigg Boss 15). Explaining the reason for his and Karan’s friendship, he said that both of them are from North India and that is why their language was very similar. The connection between them was also formed in a very short time and now Karan is like an elder brother to Umar. In this interview, Omar also told that both of them are very useless dancers, so there was good bonding between them. The friendship of both of them was firm in the show and there was nothing fake in it. Umar Riaz, Salman Khan(Bigg Boss 15)

Umar Riaz was thrown out of the house sometime back in ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. There was an argument between Umar and Prateek during a task and during this time Umar pushed Prateek. Only after this Umar was thrown out of the house as a punishment. However, the fans had called this decision of Bigg Boss wrong.

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