corona world live cases-18.5 lakh patients found in today- corona update

corona world live cases- The speed of corona is very fast across the world. In the last 24 hours, 18.5 lakh new infections have been identified. 5.60 lakh people were cured and 3,489 died. In the case of new infections, America tops with 3.08 lakh patients, while France is second with 2.96 lakh and India is at number three with 1.80 lakh.

America is also on top in terms of active cases. There are 4.27 crore active cases all over the world. Of these, 181 million are in the US alone. Active case means the patients who are undergoing treatment.

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So far, 31 crore people all over the world have come under the grip of this epidemic. Of these, 26 crores have been cured. 55 lakh have lost their lives. America tops with 8.59 lakh deaths. Brazil is second with 6.20 lakh deaths and India is at number three with 4.83 lakh.

Other updates of Corona in the world…

New strain Deltakron found in Cyprus- corona world live cases

Cyprus University Professor Leondios Kostrikis has told that a strain of corona has been found in Cyprus which connects Delta and Omicron. Talking to the media, Kostrikis said – The strain we have found has both Omicron and Delta linked. It is named ‘Deltakron’.

More than 8 lakh deaths in America- corona world live cases

According to the report of Johns Hopkins University, so far more than 60 million people in America have been affected by corona infection. 20% of corona cases around the world have been found in America. At the same time, since January 2020, 8 lakh 37 thousand 594 people have died due to corona, which is 15 percent of the total deaths worldwide.

Schools may be closed again in Britain, lack of staff

A new problem has arisen in front of the UK government regarding schools. In many UK schools, there has been a severe shortage of teachers and other staff. Because of this, it is becoming very difficult to continue classes. The government and some parents want schools and other educational institutions to remain open at least now after being closed for two years, but the situation is not pointing in this direction.

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