CSC Gas Agency Registration: Digital seva portal login

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CSC gas agency registration

Hello friends, if you are a CSC VLE or you want to make CSC gas agency registration ie CSC Gas Sub Distributor or you are a common citizen! And want to open a Village Level Gas Agency in your village! Then this post is going to be very useful for you! Because friends, today I am going to tell you in detail about the whole process of opening a village-level gas agency! To understand this information through video, you can watch the video given below or continue reading.

Eligibility For CSC Gas Distributor 2022 

  • 15 km away from Gas Agency
  • One VLE should apply for only one Gas Distributor i.e. Vle applying for Bharat Gas should not apply for Indian Oil
  • 1000 Compulsory Security Deposit
  • Minimum 150 Sqft Space at CSC Center

Commission In CSC Sub Distributor Agency

For doing CSC Gas Distribution work, CSC Vle will be provided Rs.10 per booking/delivery on the basis of the per transaction!

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Where will the CSC gas agency be opened?

Friends, through CSC, the status vle in every village of the country will be made a village level gas agency ie Gas Distributor! So according to this if you have a CSC vle! So that’s a good thing! Otherwise, you can become a CSC vle from your village and apply online in the following way to open a gas agency from your village!

Which company will get gas agency

Friends, this agency will be opened through Common Service Center and Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas operated by the Ministry of IT, Government of India. In which within the same agency you can work for all three companies by registering csc Indane Gas Agency, CSC Bharat Gas Agency, CSC Hp Gas Agency! That is, you can do cylinder booking and connection of all three companies by opening the same agency!

CSC Mobile LPG Gas Supply Center Registration Process

Like CSC Gas Agency, in some states, this service is also known as CSC Mobile LPG Gas Supply Center, CSC Gas Distributor, etc. And for its application, you have to follow the method mentioned on this page!

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How to Get CSC Gas Agency Agreement Copy

For every CSC Vle to become a Gas Agency Sub Distributor, it is mandatory to sign an Agreement with your nearest Gas Distributor with your Gas Distributor on a Stamp Paper of Rs.100! And after making this agreement, you have to upload it on your Digital Seva Gas Distributor portal!

How to apply for CSC gas agency registration online

To open a gas agency with friends CSC, you have to follow the steps given below.

  1. First of all login to your Digital Seva Portal –
  2. Then go to the CSC Digitalseva search box and search Gas
  3. Click on the link with Gas Connection (Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas) which came in the search.
  5. And click on Connect With Digital Seva Portal
  6. and share the requested information
  7. Your registration is successful

How to Do New Gas Connection and Gas Booking Through CSC

Friends, complete the steps given below for booking gas and opening new gas connections from the CSC portal.

  • First login to Digital Seva Portal
  • search gas in search box
  • Now click on the gas booking link in the search box
  • And now for new connection or for booking gas cylinder from the option shown on the screen
  • Select gas company- Indane Gas, Bharat Gas, Hp Gas
  • Now fill in the requested customer information on the screen and submit
  • Your process is complete and your gas cylinder or connection application is complete
  • Soon the representative of your nearest gas company will contact you

What to do if you are not signing on the Distribution Affidavit Form

Friends, as many CSC Vles brothers told us that they are refusing to sign this Gas Agency LPG Distribution Affidavit Form! And saying that they have no idea about it! So what do they do then?

  1. First of all, you should decide that your CSC Center should be about 10 Km away from Gas Distributor.
  2. If he refuses it or if he doesn’t know about it then
  3. You should contact your CSC District Manager and inform them about it.
  4. And to get their help in opening your CSC Gas Agency Center, contact the number of CSC District Managers given below


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