Hypotheekrente- Mortgage interest continues to rise, rates back 3 %

Hypotheekrente 2022Mortgage interest has been rising for fifteen weeks, often by more than 0.10 percentage point per week. For the longer periods without National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG), more than 3% interest has to be paid on average again, and the rates are also rising rapidly with NHG.

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This is apparent from an overview of mortgage advice chain Van Bruggen. With NHG you now pay an average of 2.39% if you fix the interest rate for ten years, 2.78% if you fix it for twenty years and 2.89% if you fix(Hypotheekrente) it for thirty years. Without NHG, it is 2.71% with a ten-year fixed, 3.16% with a twenty-year fixed and 3.31% if you want security for the entire term of the mortgage. All more than a percentage point higher than a year ago.

De Hypotheekshop concludes that the interest rate(Hypotheekrente) is back at the level of 2017, a doubling of a year ago. The average interest rate now amounts to just under 3%, last year it was still around 1.5%. This ensures that customers fix the mortgage interest for a shorter period of time. “In February, the average was still 20 years, last week that had decreased to 18.2 years,” according to the advisory chain.

Hypotheekrente Rate 2022

Van Bruggen does not dare to say where these increases will stop. Market interest rates are also rising for the time being because investors want compensation for the high inflation. The European Central Bank (ECB) can also(Hypotheekrente) do little to curb inflation. The bank will stop its purchase program, but gradually. That would mean that an interest rate increase could only come later in the year.

Due to the rising interest rates, many homeowners are considering breaking open their mortgage and refinancing. You won’t know until later whether(Hypotheekrente) that’s a good idea. It does, however, provide financial security to fix the interest rate for another ten or twenty years. The interest is currently a lot higher than in 2021, but that has the small advantage that the penalty interest that you have to pay when transferring is also a lot lower.