Killed pregnant girlfriend live, went LIVE and killed the ex-wife gave my life

killed pregnant girlfriend live – In America, a man first killed his pregnant girlfriend. Revealed this on Facebook Live and then after shooting the ex-wife gave her own life. A person living in Baltimore carried out this heartbreaking incident on Saturday. The police have recovered the bodies of all three. The man was associated with the medical field, but some time ago the hospital fired him from his job.

‘Everything looks like a dream- killed pregnant girlfriend live 

According to the ‘Daily Mail’ report, 44-year-old Rajaee Black confessed on Facebook Live on Saturday that he had killed his ex-girlfriend Tara Labang a while back and the next number was that of his ex-wife. Is. Black said during Facebook Live, ‘I just shot my ex-girlfriend in the head, everything looks like a dream. I never thought that I would become such a person.

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Told wife the reason for depression- killed pregnant girlfriend live 

Before putting his ex-wife to death, Black said, ‘I can’t go to jail, so I’m going to end what’s causing my depression, too, and that’s my ex-wife(killed pregnant girlfriend live. After this I will end my life too. It is also recorded in the video footage that Black reaches his ex-wife’s house and while talking, suddenly opens fire. The police have recovered the dead bodies of both of them from the house. Both the children are completely safe.

children were thrown out

According to the report, when the police reached the spot(killed pregnant girlfriend live, they found the dead couple’s children in a car parked outside the house. Therefore, it is believed that Black must have asked to go out before committing the crime. It has also been revealed that Black was having disputes with his ex-wife over several matters, including the custody of the children. Rajai Black’s friends say that he was having a dispute with his ex-wife, but no one thought that the matter would reach this far.

were worried because of this

Black worked as a male(killed pregnant girlfriend live) nurse in a hospital. It was here that he met his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend. However, some time back he was fired from his job. Black accused the University of Maryland Medical System of wrongful termination, saying that he had disclosed a doctor’s use of drugs, which led to him being fired. It is believed that Black was in depression due to loss of job and the relationship with both the women were not going well and that is why he carried out this horrific incident.

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