Murda Rapper gets more than 4 years in prison in Turkey

Murda- A Turkish court has sentenced Dutch rapper Murda to four years and two months in prison. He was accused of (Murda)encouraging drug use with his lyrics. The Turkish Public Prosecution Service had demanded five to ten years against him.

His lawyer called him to break the news. Murda, who is currently staying with his family in the Netherlands, will appeal the sentence.

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The rapper himself previously said about his lyrics that it was never his intention to encourage people to use drugs. He says it’s about songs he made a long time ago.

“Songs that were released and reached millions of people. I played these songs in front of my audience at concerts and my fans(Murda) sang all the words along. We laughed and danced together to all these songs. They are songs that are also loved by people who don’t Speak Turkish. These people started singing and rapping Turkish words after listening to my music,” he says. “That something so beautiful now ends in such an ugly result is sad.”

He also said it was sad that “the judge now thinks my daughter deserves to grow up without a father for four years. And (Murda)the same goes for my family. I will never understand that and I will never agree with it.”

Murda was arrested at Istanbul airport in October last year. He was released a day after his arrest. Initially, he was not allowed to leave the country, but a travel ban was later lifted.

The rapper, born in Amsterdam, is well known in Turkey. He was also a judge on the Turkish rap version of The Voice.

Uitlevering- Murda Rapper

The rapper is in the Netherlands for the recording of an album, but has two more performances in Turkey in May. “We cannot yet say whether or not they will continue, we will first look at that,” said a spokesperson(Murda) for his management office. As long as he remains on Dutch territory, he need not fear extradition to Turkey.

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