Philippines covid vaccine for 12-15 year olds side effects

Philippines covid vaccine for 12-15 – The Philippines started vaccinating young people aged 12-17 against the coronavirus on Friday, hoping it will enable schools to safely reopen even as the country battles one of Asia’s worst COVID-19 outbreaks.

It follows many other countries in expanding its immunization drive to minors.

Authorities plan a pilot run of a return to face-to-face classes in up to 120 schools next month.

The Philippines was among 17 countries globally where schools have been closed for the entirety of the pandemic, according to a September report by the United Nations children’s agency UNICEF.

“For me, I’m looking forward to getting back to face-to-face classes in the future,” said Gyle Fernandez, 17, one of more than 1,000 children who received their vaccinations on Friday.

The Philippines is prioritizing 1.2 million children with existing health conditions and has approved two vaccine brands for minors.

Of its 2.7 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, 7.8% affect young people Philippines covid vaccine for 12-15. Fatalities among that bracket are comparatively lower, making up 0.6% of the country’s more than 40,000 deaths.

The Philippines reported 7,625 new coronavirus infections on Friday, among the lowest in two months. New cases fell to a daily average of 10,500 this month compared to nearly 19,000 in September.

Jacquelyn Dannug, 40, said she wanted her child, 12, to have protection.

“It would be difficult as we are often outside and she could possibly get infected if she is not fully vaccinated,” said Dannug, standing beside her daughter.

The Philippines will further relax coronavirus restrictions in the Manila region starting from Saturday. It has so far vaccinated nearly 24 million of its 110 million population.

How do the Philippines covid vaccine for 12-15 register online

If you want to register for this Zydus vaccine, you need to know what its complete process will be.

To register for the Philippines covid vaccine for 12-15 , the complete procedure has been explained to you in our article, I hope you will read it carefully: 

  1. To register, you must first go to the official website. 
  2. After that, on the homepage, you need to look for the option to register.
  3. Then, on the next page, you have to fill in all your data. 
  4. After filling in the details, all information about the nearest center time slot will open. 
  5. In it, you must select the date and time of your time slot. 
  6. After that, you will receive a receipt for you to save and download.
  7. Also, obtain a printed copy of this coupon because it is only through it that you will be vaccinated. 

Hope you have all the information about(Philippines covid vaccine for 12-15 )the vaccine for 12 years old in our article. If you still have something to ask about this, you can ask us by sending a message in the comments section, to which we will certainly respond to you soon.

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