Time Lapse of Earth-Japanese billionaire shares Earth’s time-lapse video

Time Lapse of Earth- Yusaku Maezawa(Time Lapse of Earth) , the Japanese billionaire and founder of retail fashion brand Zozo Inc., shared the Time Lapse Video of Earth from the International Space Station (ISS) on Twitter. Mejawa wrote in the caption of this video, ‘This is exactly one round of the Earth.’ Mejawa reached the ISS on Wednesday on his 12-day journey. The Japanese billionaire(Time Lapse of Earth) is accompanied by his producer Yozo Hirano.

Maezawa has gone by Russian plane

Yusaku Maezawa and his colleague Hirano will spend 12 days in space. Both of them have become the first tourists to go to space since 2009 who have paid for it. However, the cost of this trip has not been disclosed. Both reached the International Space Station via the Russian spacecraft Soyuz with Russian cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin. Before leaving for the International Space Station (ISS), Majawa had said, ‘I would like to see the Earth from space. I would like to experience the opportunity to feel weightless.

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Will upload video on YouTube- Time Lapse of Earth

Majawa (Time Lapse of Earth) will also upload video footage of his visit to a YouTube channel with 7.95 lakh followers. He asked his fans to tell about 100 such things that he can do in space. Also, he had said that he is going to play badminton in the International Space Station. Let us tell you that before this, Japanese billionaire(Time Lapse of Earth) Mejawa came into the discussion by buying tickets to go to the moon in 2023. He will also become the first passenger on SpaceX’s moon journey. He has started looking for 8 people to take him on this journey.

Hard training was done before the journey- Time Lapse of Earth

46-year-old Japanese billionaire Yusaku is the founder of retail fashion brand Zozo Inc. He is known as a fashion mogul all over the world. In 1998, he started Japan’s largest online shopping mall, but after resigning as CEO in 2019, sold most of his assets to Yahoo Japan. Before leaving for space, Maezawa shared some videos on Twitter, which he named ‘Unusual training in Russia’. This training included things like walking around on a chair and playing badminton. He said that sitting on a revolving chair is like some kind of torture.

What is Time-Lapse Video?

If you are fond of watching movies, then you must have seen many times that when the actor is in his thoughts, then the activity around him intensifies. This type of video is called time-lapse video. Another example of this is videos in which the sun is shown rising or setting rapidly. Actually, it is a photography technique, in which gradual movements and changes are recorded and transferred at high speed. Simply put, in a time-lapse video, and slow movement is taken in such a way that it appears to us to be fast.