UP Assembly Election 2022- Arrest Warrant against Maurya किया गया जारी

UP Assembly Election 2022- Arrest Warrant against Maurya, Lucknow central Vidhan sabha chunav 2022: The BJP’s Vijay Rath, running since 1989, was stopped by the SP in 2012. In 2017, the BJP recaptured its fort.

In the election of Uttar Pradesh 2022 (UP Assembly Election 2022 ), all eyes are on the Lucknow Central Assembly seat. The BJP’s flag, which has been waving in this seat since 1989, was stopped by the SP in 2012. However, in 2017, the BJP (BJP) has recapture its fortress. In the 2017 elections(UP Assembly Election 2022), Brijesh Pathak of Bharatiya Janata Party defeated Ravidas Mehrotra of SP by 5094 votes. In 2012, Ravidas Mehrotra of SP defeated Vidyasagar Gupta of BJP by 22732 votes. Ravidas Mehrotra also became a
minister in the SP government. Know what is the political condition of Lucknow Central seat, what is the status of the parties seat history

There are five assembly seats in the Lucknow Lok Sabha constituency of UP. Lucknow West, Lucknow North, Lucknow East, Lucknow Central and Lucknow Cantt. Lucknow central seat (Lucknow Central Assembly Seat) BJP current (BJP)is occupied. The political history here has been very interesting. The first election was held on this seat in 1951. Harish Chand Bajpai had won this election on a Congress ticket. Ramshankar of Congress had won the 1952 election. In the elections of 1957 and 1962, Mahavir Prasad
Srivastava became MLA from Congress for two consecutive terms. In the 1967 elections, Jan Sangh’s candidate SK Vidyarthi had won. In the 1969 elections, Imtiaz Hussain of the Bharatiya Kranti Dal and in 1974 Ramesh Chandra Srivastava reached the assembly by winning on a Congress ticket. At the same time, Ram Prakash of Janata Party in 1977 and Mohammad Rafi Siddiqui became MLA from Congress in 1980. In 1985, Naresh Chandra of Congress won.

BJP’s dominance increased in 1989

After this, for the first time in 1989, the BJP occupied this seat (UP Assembly Election 2022). This winning streak lasted till 2007. Basant Lal Gupta became MLA in 1989 and 1991, Ram Prakash in 1993, Suresh Kumar Srivastava became MLA in 1996,
2002 and 2007. In 2012, there was a big upheaval in this seat, and Ravidas Mehrotra of SP emerged victoriously. However, in 2017 the BJP re-occupied this seat (Lucknow Central Assembly Seat) by contesting Brijesh Pathak .

The historical importance of Lucknow

Lucknow, the capital of UP, is situated(UP Assembly Election 2022) on the banks of Gomti Nagar. It is said that this city was built by Lord Rama for his younger brother Lakshmana. Lucknow is famous for its Dussehra mango orchards and chicken embroidery. The name of this city is also taken(UP Assembly Election 2022)
prominently in the matter of taste and food. It is also the center of the politics of Uttar Pradesh.

Total electorate- UP Assembly Election 2022

The Lucknow Central Assembly seat of the capital has a total population of 6,25,764. There are 1,96,750 male and 1,69,553 female voters in this. At the same time, there are also 2 third-gender voters. Altogether there are 3,66,305 voters in this seat.

2017 assembly election result

Location Candidate   Party   Vote   Vote (%)
1 Brijesh Pathak          BJP    78400     40.2
2 Ravidas Mehrotra    SP      73306    37.59
3 Rajiv Srivastava       BSP    24313     12.47

Winning margin – 50942012 assembly election result

Location Candidate    Party        Vote   Vote (%)
1 Ravidas Mehrotra     SP          62622   37.06
2 Vidyasagar Gupta    BJP          39890    23.61
3 Fakhir Siddiqui       Congress  35623   21.08
Winning margin – 22732

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