USD to INR forecast check today Indian rupee value against dollar

USD to INR today – The value of rupee is depreciating against the dollar. On Tuesday, it reached 75.95 in front of the dollar. It is expected that by the end of this month the rupee can go up to 76.30.

RBI will not interfere- USD to INR today 

On the other hand, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is thinking of not taking any step on the falling price of the rupee. Because it will benefit Indian exporters. The advantage will be in such a way that they will get paid in dollars and will get more money here in front of them. The government is continuously giving special incentives to the manufacturing sector and hence exporters will benefit from the fall of rupee(USD to INR today ).

Rupee going up to 76 is not a matter of concern

However, for RBI, it is not a matter of concern for the rupee to go up to 76 or 76.50 against the dollar. Because it is within his range. That is why he will not interfere on this. If the rupee(USD to INR today ) depreciates more than this, then it can take steps to stop it. Kotak Securities said last week that traders would also keep an eye on the Reserve Bank’s move.

Rupee is made only above 75- USD to INR today 

Rupee (USD to INR today )has remained above 75 for a long time. Foreign investors have withdrawn about 80 thousand crore rupees from the Indian market in the last two months. Along with this, some big foreign investors have also sold their stake in Indian IPO. This is affecting the rupee.

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America can buy bonds- USD to INR today 

It is believed that if the US Federal Reserve Bank accelerates the purchase of bonds, then its direct effect will also be seen on the rupee. Hence the value of rupee may go down. Central banks of about 20 countries along with the Federal Reserve Bank will review their policy rates this week. It is expected that the Federal Reserve Bank may buy bonds worth $ 25-30 billion. It bought bonds worth $15 billion in November.

Federal Reserve Bank can keep the policy as it is

At the same time, the Federal Reserve Bank can keep the policy rates the same. The central banks of the eurozone, Japan and the Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia may also keep their policy rates unchanged. The rupee(USD to INR today ) had closed at 75.77 against the dollar on Monday. It had lost 0.8% last week. It has lost 1.3% in the last two weeks.

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