Vitesse Sparta Rotterdam- Got into bus for six fearful minutes of football

Vitesse Sparta Rotterdam- Quite a bit is at stake for Sparta Rotterdam tonight during a lightning visit to Vitesse. Then the suspended Eredivisie game of March 4 is played out in an empty Gelredome. A situation that raises many questions.

Wat gebeurde er precies?- Vitesse Sparta Rotterdam

In the extra time, Danilho Doekhi heads wide on behalf of Vitesse. Goalkeeper Maduka Okoye goes to fetch the ball to take a goal kick, but is hit by a thrown cup from the crowd.

After a series of incidents, including a supporter and fireworks on the field, referee Rob Dieperink stopped the game. Vitesse-Sparta was 0-1 after almost 91 minutes of football, with six minutes and fourteen seconds of extra time to go.

There were three options for the KNVB to settle this matter: play the game again, determine the 0-1 as the final score and play out the last minutes.

The latter scenario was chosen, because the association believes that “this is best suited to a fair course of the competition, in which matches must be decided on the field as much as possible”.

Although the disturbances were clearly caused by Vitesse’s supporters, the independent prosecutor is not of the opinion that the Arnhem club is actually guilty of the eventual cessation of the duel.

Wordt Sparta niet flink gedupeerd- Vitesse Sparta Rotterdam

The Rotterdammers have everything to lose in Arnhem. If they keep that 0-1 lead, they are sixteenth with a connection to the teams above(Vitesse Sparta Rotterdam). But in the event of a draw, they are joint last and in the event of a defeat they are even at the bottom of the Eredivisie.

Captain Adil Auassar was furious at the time. “Things have happened, we have to act hard against them,” he grumbled. “I think that at the KNVB they know what to do with this.”

And that must have disappointed him, because the only measure taken is that the stadium must remain empty during the remainder of the game. Sparta will have to fight for the points after a long bus trip.

Hoe gaat het duel verder?

Both clubs must resume the match in the same formation whenever possible. Demonstrably injured players may be replaced(Vitesse Sparta Rotterdam), substituted and suspended players can no longer be brought in.

This means that Vitesse cannot use Dominik Oroz, Toni Domgjoni, Nicolai Baden Frederiksen and Adrian Grbic, Sparta can no longer rely on Sven Mijnans, Vito van Crooy and Adrián Dalmau, who scored the only goal on March 4.

The KNVB has appointed another referee with Bas Nijhuis, instead of Dieperink. When Sparta keeper Okoye has taken his goal kick, the game has officially resumed.

Mag Vitesse zonder keeper spelen- Vitesse Sparta Rotterdam

Trainer Thomas Letsch has even considered(Vitesse Sparta Rotterdam) aloud to play without a goalkeeper in the six minutes, hoping to force something with a stampede. And due to injuries to goalkeeper Jeroen Houwen and Maximilian Wittek, he can make two tactical substitutions ‘for free’.

According to regulations, Vitesse may therefore start the remainder with a player on target.

Once again, Sparta seems at a disadvantage at the resumption, because in the team of trainer Henk Fraser only Mario Engels is struggling(Vitesse Sparta Rotterdam) with an injury. It is not yet clear whether he will replace the striker.

It is also striking(Vitesse Sparta Rotterdam) that on March 4 Fraser had brought in three extra defenders with Bart Vriends, Laurent Jans, and Mica Pinto. The Rotterdammers are therefore practically forced to defend their lead from an ultra-defensive position.

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