WBJEE Syllabus 2022, Exam Pattern PDF Download

WBJEE 2022 Syllabus, Exam Pattern PDF Download will be discussed here. WBJEEB(WBJEE Age Limit 2022) publishes the WBJEE 2022 syllabus on their official website, wbjeeb.nic.in. The WBJEE(wbjee 2022 exam fee) 2022 curriculum outlines the key subjects and chapters covered in the WBJEE entrance exam(wbjee 2022 registration). For better preparation, aspirants should have the whole WBJEE test curriculum. The WBJEE 2022 is identical to that of Class XI and Class XII.

WBJEE Exam Syllabus 2022

For better preparation, candidates may consult Class 11 and Class 12. Candidates should study the whole WBJEE 2022 curriculum at least a month before the(wbjee 2022 registration) test to get high results. Don’t wait any longer and get the WBJEE Syllabus 2022 PDF for free from this post.
Following the completion of the syllabus download, you must devise a study strategy. Also, focus on your areas of weakness and put in a lot of effort. Practice makes a man perfect, as everyone knows. Keep the complete West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam Syllabus 2022 in mind and concentrate on it. Furthermore, the curriculum provided is the only one that is authentic. Meanwhile, we obtained it via wbjeeb.nic.in, the official web page.

WBJEE Exam Pattern 2022

As a result, all interested applicants should verify(WBJEE Age Limit 2022) the Syllabus on the official website(wbjee 2022 exam fee). Please review the parts below and take note of the most important facts that we have provided in an easy-to-understand way. WBJEE 2022 Syllabus in PDF format The WBJEE Syllabus 2022 PDF link is provided in this part. So, go ahead and click on the provided link to get the free West Bengal Joint(wbjee 2022 registration) Entrance Exam Syllabus 2022. And we are certain that the syllabus provided below will assist you much and that downloading the
WBJEE Syllabus 2022 will not cause you any inconvenience

WBJEE 2022 Exam Pattern

Subject Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Total Questions Total Marks
Physics 30 Ques x 1 Marks 5 Ques x 2 Marks 5 Ques x 2 Marks 40 Ques 50
Chemistry 30 Ques x 1 Marks 5 Ques x 2 Marks 5 Ques x 2 Marks 40 Ques 50
Mathematics 50 Ques x 1 Marks 15 Ques x 2 Marks 10 Ques x 2 Marks 75 Ques 100
Total 155 Questions 200 Marks

WBJEE topics to consider

Candidates should list significant subjects(wbjee 2022 registration) for the test that had the highest weightage in previous years after learning the WBJEE curriculum. The list of significant subjects for the WBJEE 2022 test may be seen here. Candidates often look for crucial subjects for the WBJEE 2022.

WBJEE Syllabus 2022

WBJEE Chemistry Syllabus 2022 WBJEE Physics Syllabus 2022 WBJEE Maths Syllabus 2022
Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Arithmetic Measurements, Units & dimensions Series
The Periodic Table and Chemical Families Kinematics Logarithms
Nuclear Chemistry Laws of motion Complex Number
Coordination Compounds Work, power, energy Quadratic Equations
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Motion of centre of mass, connected systems, Friction Permutation and combination
Liquid State Gravitation Principle of mathematical induction
Solid State Bulk properties of matter Binomial theorem
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Heat & Thermal Physics Matrices
Ethers Thermodynamics Sets, Relations and Mappings
Chemical Energetics and Chemical Dynamics Kinetic theory of gases Statistics and Probability
Hydrogen Oscillations & Waves Coordinate geometry of two dimensions
Ionic and Redox Equilibria Electrostatics Co-ordinate geometry of three dimensions
Aldehydes and Ketones Current Electricity Trigonometry
Chemistry of Non-Metallic Elements and their Compounds: Magnetic effect of current Calculus
Chemistry of Metals Magnetics Vectors
Electromagnetic induction & alternating current
Polymers Electromagnetic waves
Surface Chemistry Optics I (Ray optics)
Environmental Chemistry Optics II (Wave Optics)
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes Particle nature of light & wave particle dualism
Alcohols Atomic Physics
Nuclear Physics

WBJEE 2022 Syllabus pdf

WBJEE 2022 curriculum is available on the official website for candidates to review. Along with the official booklet, the WBJEE syllabus 2022 is available. The contents of each topic questioned(wbjee 2022 exam fee) in the test, namely Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, are included in the WBJEE curriculum for 2022.

WBJEE Exam Pattern 2022

  • Offline mode will conduct the West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam 2022.
  • The exam will be divided into two papers, according to the authorities.
  • Mathematics is Paper I, while Physics and Chemistry are Papers II and III, respectively.
  • The Entrance Exam is made up of multiple-choice questions. There are 155 questions
    on the Question Paper. And there are four options for each inquiry. As a result,
    applicants should think carefully before answering any questions.
  • The exam will include a total of 200 marks.
  • The exam will take 2 hours to complete. The time limit for each Paper should be 2

WBJEE Qualifying Marks 2022

  • This section contains the qualifying(wbjee 2022 registration) marks for the West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam 2022.
  • Candidates must get 45 percent of the possible points in the Entrance Exam.
  • And reserved candidates must and should get at least 40% in the West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam.
  • Only those who achieve the required minimum scores are eligible for the counselling
    process. The remaining individuals are deemed ineligible.

WBJEE Preparation Tips 2022

  • Students can familiarise themselves with the curriculum by visiting the official website
    and reviewing the complete WBJEE Syllabus 2022. WBJEE 2022 exam dates are
    available here, and you can organize your calendar appropriately.
  • Create a schedule: Students must create a timetable and give enough time to the
    subjects in which they are weak. Students will be more focused if they take some brief
    breaks between studying sessions.
  • Take a lot of practice tests: Before taking the WBJEE 2022 exam, take many practice
    tests. It will simulate a real-life test for the pupils. Visit this page to learn more.
  • Students do not need to study any new subjects in the week leading up to WBJEE
    2022. Instead, they should devote this time to a comprehensive review of previously
    studied subjects.

WBJEE Age Limit 2022

It is required that candidates be 17 years old (as of December 31, 2019) to take the test. As a candidate(WBJEE Age Limit 2022), an aspirant must have been born on or before December 31, 2002. To take the WBJEE 2022, you must be 18 years old. However, the minimum age requirement(wbjee 2022 registration) for enrollment to the Marine Engineering Course is 17 years as of December 31, 2021, and the maximum age requirement is 25 years as of December 31, 2019.

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