What is Blogging ? How to Start Blog In English

What is Blogging in English: Blog And if yes, then what are the things you need to know to create a blog and how to make a blog, you are going to get answers to all these questions in this post – What is Blog and How To Start BloWhat is Blogging in English in Hindi.

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What is Blogging in English 

In the past, many of us were keen on writing our daily experiences during a diary or diary, they were accustomed to publish the daily events on constant day’s Along with the details of the page of this book, we will also give you the page of our book. Time was also written, time changed and the era of the Internet came. In the year 1999, Google launched a free platform on which you could share your daily experiences and thoughts on the Internet digitally, share your thoughts on the Internet. The same has been called Blog. The blog is called blog in Hindi, in which you can write your daily activities, news related to any topic, interesting and work information, and your thoughts. Blogger to the person writing the blog. The act of writing a blog is called blogging in Hindi. (What is Blogging in English)

How to make money from blogging (What is Blogging in English)

Let’s understand this from the beginning, it is a complete EcoSystem, in which many people depend on each other, to run any business or to convey their information. Advertisements were shown in News Paper, magazines, Radio, and Television, these platforms were chosen because they were accessible to millions of people, but there was a problem here that any advertisement which was shown had reach to every person. The one who should be shown also used to see the advertisement and the one who did not want to see it also used to see what we call interest-based advertising in today’s language. (What is Blogging in English)

This is how a partnership with Google (What is Blogging in English)

Now the thing to be seen here was that Google only shows links to other websites in its search, it does not have any content of its own, but since Blogger was a platform of Google, Google set that it’d advertise the ads coming back from advertisers. currently, it’ll even be shown on Blogger, because of that bloggers can|will} have financial gain and their trend will move towards blogging and it happened that Google offers some part of the income from advertising to Blogger and keeps some part with itself. Initially, Google used to advertise only on English language blogs, but today it also advertises on Hindi language blogs. Thousands of people blogging in the Hindi language in India also earn good money. (What is Blogging in English)

What is Adsense and how does it work? (What is Blogging in English)

To place an advertisement on a blog, every blogger has to register his blog for Adsense Account Approval on a service called Google’s Adsense, after that the Google Adsense team reviews the blog, for which he has created a guideline (guideline) by Google. Follows: If your blog lands on all the terms of Google, then your Google Adsense Account is approved, from which your earning starts and payment is sent to your bank account after completing at least 100 $. Everyone edges from this, the publicizer during a position|is ready} to achieve additional folks in a less budget, Google edges each you and yourself by partnering with you, and other people see the ads of their choice. (What is Blogging in English)

How to Start a Blog in English

If you are thinking that you need to invest a lot for blogging, then it is not so, you can also create a free blog by visiting Google’s Free Blogging Platform and start blogging from today itself when you are free If you make blogging, then there you will be able to do all the things that a professional blogger does, for some things you will also have to compromise but it is not bad for a free start. (What is Blogging in English)

Know When to Get a Domain Name and Template

When you produce a free journal on Google’s platform, then Blogger’s subdomain Blogspot. in is connected behind your name, however, if you would like to possess your own domain, then you’ll add it with a custom domain, that you’ve got to 300 to 1000 rupees will have to be spent annually, you can always run your blog only by renewing the domain every year, along with this, if you have a little additional budget with you, then you’ll additionally purchase a decent Premium weblog model, that you simply want cash has got to be spent one time, it gives a professional look to the blog, the price of Premium Blog Template ranges from Rs.500 to Rs.3000, that is, if you spend on Domain Name and Template, then you can get a Professional Blog for about Rs.4000. can make.

When to get web hosting

If you’re thinking that that currently you have got learned weblogging alright and plenty of traffic (people WHO scan the blog) has started returning to your blog, then you have got to determine whether or not you would like to shop for internet hosting or not. I’m blind to hosting, let Pine Tree State tell them that no matter content you transfer on the web, whether or not it’s text, image, or video, it’s uploaded on a server (Computer) that is connected to the Internet for 24 hours, Google’s Free on Blogger we tend to use net hosting, that has some limitations if you would like to form a custom skilled web site, then it can’t be created on Blogger’s free platform, for this, you have to buy web hosting. (What is Blogging in Hindi)